Interested in a custom painting? Check out the sizes and pricing below first. Then, shoot me an email by clicking the CONTACT button at the bottom of the page. We'll chat about your desired painting and go over some logistics.


12" x 16" - ($150.00) (approximate)

16" x 20" - ($300.00) (approximate)

20" x 24" - ($400.00) (approximate)

24" x 30" - ($500.00) (approximate)

30" x 40" - ($700.00) (approximate)

36" x 48" - ($1000.00) (approximate)

48" x 60" - ($2200.00) (approximate)

Custom or larger sizes can be requested.


ALL PAINTINGS WILL BE PAINTED IN BLACK AND WHITE BY DEFAULT. If you want something in full-color, it can be requested for double the price. Shipping fees may vary.

Once you book a painting, a 50% deposit is required. An estimated completion date will be provided unless a desired date is mentioned. Turnaround time varies by request.

  Photo used to give an approximate proportional   scale of your painting.

Photo used to give an approximate proportional scale of your painting.